Online Tools to Test Mobile Readiness of Your WebSites

There is a surge of mobile phones in the market and users nowadays spend a good amount of their time browsing the Internet on their handsets. In order to target this user base and give them a good ux on their mobile sets, you should consider designing your websites for mobile users too and test it for mobile readiness. This way you can find and fix issues early on during the design and take steps to correct them.

Here are some online tools to test mobile readiness for your websites.


mobiReady evaluates mobile readiness for your websites by doing an in-depth analysis of your pages to determine how well your site performs on a mobile device. I did an analysis of and here are the results:




The dotMobi mobile phone emulator emulates a real mobile phone Web browser. You need to specify a website (in our case and hit the Submit button to see how your site looks to a mobile phone user.


Note: You must have JAVA enabled on your browser to utilize the .mobi mobile emulator.

As of this writing, there are two skins available for Nokia N70 and Sony K750. Here’s how Facebook looks on a Sony K750 phone.



iPhoneTester is an online iPhone simulator to test iPhone specific websites. I tested the Facebook iPhone specific site called to check if the website fits correctly on the iPhone's limited screen space. Here is how the site looks on a landscape view!


As an alternative to iPhoneTester, you can also use TestiPhone which allows you to pass the simulator request parameters to change the way it behaves.

I hope you liked these tools. If you know of any other online tool to test mobile readiness, please share them with the viewers in the comments section.

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Hedy Walker said...

Thanks Suprotim. Very helpful.

yamara said...

Thanks ur share..
I have some problem with my wapsite. When I open my site on emulator it opened very nice and when I check it in I got good report but when I opened it in my cellphone it become very slow.
I dont know what happened to my site. Can u help me??