How to Disable JavaScript on browsers running IE6 or Lesser

Web Developers often face requirements to detect the browser type and version and execute some script based on that. If you are not using any JavaScript framework, then here’s how to execute a script only if the Internet Explorer version is greater than 6 (IE6)

Just add this piece of code in between the ‘head’ tags

title>Execute script only if > IE 6</title>

<!--[if gte IE 7]>
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="Javascript">
alert("You are running Internet Explorer 7 or greater");


This is how Microsoft officially recommends you to detect the browser type and version. As stated in the documentation,

“The downlevel-hidden conditional comment contains hyphens ("--") in the opening and closing tag, similar to the basic HTML Comment. The content is placed inside the comment tags. Because the first four characters and the last three characters of the comment are identical to a basic HTML Comment element, downlevel browsers ignore the HTML content inside the comment block”

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