JavaScript, CSS3, Silverlight, ASP.NET, SharePoint articles Link List – July 2011

Here’s a quick wrap up of JavaScript, CSS3, Silverlight, ASP.NET, SharePoint and other .NET articles published on in the month of July 2011.

jQuery, JavaScript and CSS Articles

jQuery: Load Page in a Div - Loading an external page in a div using jQuery is as simple as calling thejQuery Load method.

JavaScript: View Source code without Comments - One my clients had a requirement of viewing an object while debugging, and they wanted to view only the source code, without comments.

Array Shuffle in JavaScript - I have yet to find a script that truly does a random shuffle across all browsers using JavaScript (no frameworks). However there are a couple of scripts I use, that are ‘good-enough’ to be used when an Array has to be shuffled.

JavaScript Object can have Private Methods - I was watching a JavaScript video tutorial by Douglas Crockford where he explained private members in JavaScript. Although there are no ‘private methods’ in a JavaScript object, we can easily create something similar by defining a function variable with a local scope.

Unary plus operator in JavaScript - The unary plus (+) operator is a unary operator and converts its operand to a number, if it isn’t already. It is equivalent to the Number() constructor called as a function. Let us see some examples of the Unary + operator and what does it imply in different scenarios

Upside Down Text with CSS3 - When it comes to rotating, tilting or scaling text, you would normally rely on JavaScript or images laid on top of each other, to give that effect. However with the CSS3 transformation functions, you can do all of this without any JavaScript code

JavaScript: Convert CamelCase to Dashes and vice-versa - My colleague Satyam shared a nice piece of JavaScript code that converts a camelcase to dashes and dashes to Camelcase.

Text Shadow Filter in IE -  You can drop shadows to text using the text-shadow property which was re-introduced in CSS3.

Conditional CSS and JavaScript for Different Browsers - A common technique adopted by developers is to detect browsers and conditionally differentiate CSS rules and JavaScript for specific versions of browsers. In simple words, a requirement could be that if the browser is IE, use a different set of CSS and JavaScript files.

Free Photo Editors for Web Designers - A good photo editing software comes with a price, but here are some free open source photo editors that could do the job for you!

Swap Variables in JavaScript – Different Methods - Here are some different ways to swap variable values in JavaScript. I will show swapping using a temporary variable, without a temporary variable, XOR operator and a single line swap.

ASP.NET, MVC and Silverlight articles

ASP.NET MVC 3 Documentation Available in 10 Different Languages - As you probably know that localized versions of ASP.NET MVC 3 is available in 9 different languages via the Web Platform Installer. To supplement these releases, Phil Haack recently announced on his blog that now apart from English, the MVC 3 Documentation is also now available in these nine local languages

Silverlight 4: Consuming WCF REST Service using JSON - A nice feature of WCF programming is the support for REST and JSON, using which a client can communicate with the WCF service without using A proxy. In this article, I have used a Silverlight 4 client application to make a call to WCF service using JSON.

Silverlight 4.0 : Open .Exe Files using COM Interoperability - While working with Silverlight Line of Business applications, there may be a scenario where the user wants to open .exe applications e.g. Notepad or Calculator from the local machine. The question here is how to make this possible in Silverlight?

Silverlight 4 and 5 Tutorials–Link List - I recently published a list of Silverlight 4 and Silverlight 5 Tutorials that should be a useful resource for every Silverlight developer out there. 

ASP.NET: Accessing Nested Repeater Control - The ASP.NET Repeater control is a handy data-bound list control that allows you to create a custom layout by repeating a specified template for each item displayed in the list. You can nest a repeater control inside the other to create advanced layouts.

ASP.NET MVC Web Matrix & Razor Tutorials - In this list, we will see some articles written by our authors on WebMatrix and Razor syntax

Silverlight TextBox Numeric Validation - Although we have IDataErrorInfo interface for input data validation in Silverlight, it provides us validation error when the user enters the data and leaves the textbox. However the requirement we are talking about is when the user enters any data in the textbox, it should be automatically validated. This article contains the solution to this requirement.

.NET and SharePoint Articles

Windows Communication Foundation WCF 4.0 Tutorials - Author and Trainer Mahesh Sabnis has been writing some in-depth WCF 4.0 tutorials that I thought of sharing with all my blog readers. This tutorial series covers some basics and advanced concepts of WCF 4.0 programming

SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1 Released - Microsoft recently released Service Pack 1 for SharePoint 2010 and Office Products.

SharePoint 2010 Content Database and Other Data Storage Changes - Microsoft recently announced some nice changes to SharePoint 2010 Data storage limits

"Partially Succeeded" TFS status in Visual Studio while upgrading to TFS 2010 - While upgrading from TFS to TFS 2010 and to TFS Team Build 2010, you may have come across the ‘partially succeeded’ message.

C#: Find Previous Month's First and Last Day - Here’s a simple query that gives you the first and last day of the previous month

WCF 4.0 : Discoverable Service - In this small article, I have explained the WCF 4.0 Discovery feature. This feature is used when the location of the service gets changed e.g. changing in the hosting environment or changing the physical address of the server etc

SharePoint 2010 and Azure Free Training - If you are a developer/architect who is interested in understanding how SharePoint 2010 and Windows Azure can leverage each other, then Microsoft recently released the July 2011 update of SharePoint 2010 & Windows Azure Training Kit.

Other Articles

Awarded the MVP Title – 4 Years in a Row - I was awarded the Microsoft MVP title again for the 4th consecutive year, and I thank Microsoft for bestowing this award on me.

BizTalk Server 2010 Training Kit and VHD - Microsoft has released the BizTalk Server 2010 pre-configured VHD and Training Kit to help you get started with BizTalk.

Create Social Games in Windows Azure - I recently stumbled upon the Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Games that includes accelerators, libraries, developer tools, and samples that can be used in games created using .NET or HTML5. The goal is to let game developers focus on development instead of operational hurdles.

Entity Framework 4.1 Update - If you are using Entity Framework to create data access applications, then there’s a new update to Entity Framework 4.1. EF 4.1 was announced in April. Microsoft has just released EF 4.1 Update 1 to fix some bugs as well as introduced some new types.

Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 RTM Trial - Microsoft recently released the Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 RTM. This tool is available for free to MSDN subscribers. However those who are not MSDN subscribers can download the RTM trial for 30 days.

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