Windows Communication Foundation WCF 4.0 Tutorials

Author and Trainer Mahesh Sabnis has been writing some in-depth WCF 4.0 tutorials that I thought of sharing with all my blog readers. This tutorial series covers some basics and advanced concepts of WCF 4.0 programming

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What's New in Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) 4.0 Part- I - VS 2010 and .NET 4.0 has come out with many new features. Typically there are a lot of changes in Windows Workflow 4.0 (WF 4.0), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF 4.0) and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF 4.0). In this article we will see some new features of WCF 4.0.

What's New in Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) 4.0 Part- II - Developing Routing Service - In part 1 of this article, we went through a new feature of WCF - ‘Simple Configuration’. In this second part of the article series, we will see how WCF 4.0 performs routing.

What's New in Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) 4.0 Part III - Service-Discovery Feature - In the previous two articles, we have gone through important features of WCF 4.0. In this article we will see WCF service discovery features.

Windows Communication Foundation 4.0 - New REST Features - By now most of you might have started exploring the new features of .NET 4.0 and have probably read my previous articles on WCF 4.0.

JSON Enabled WCF 4 Service - The advantages of using JSON enabled WCF service is that the data is communicated in plain text like stream, it does not require any data/message parsing. For exposing a WCF service as JSON enabled WCF service, we need to apply the [WebGet] attribute on the method of the ServiceContract with ResponseFormat as JSON.

WCF 4.0 REST POX Service with Help Page - Representational State Transfer (REST) support was included in WCF 3.5. In WCF 4.0, this feature has been enhanced with Help page support. This facility was added as WCF REST allows direct call to OperationContracts, using HTTP protocol by the client application. Now the problem is if the WCF service has several OperationContracts, then how does the client application know and distinguish between the urls for method calls?

WCF 4.0: Protocol Bridging using Routing to Protect Internal Business Services - In this article, we are going to discuss protocol bridging mechanism using WCF 4.0 routing features.

Reading Data from WCF Data Service in Silverlight 4 - WCF data Services provides integration with Data Model built using ADO.NET EF. Since the data received is in the form of XML, any client application built on Open standards can easily consume it. In this article, I will demonstrate how it is done using Silverlight 4.

Push Data to the Client using WCF CallBack Service - In WCF, callback is used to implement PUSH mechanism, so that delayed or long running operation results can be automatically pushed back to the client application. WCF actively supports callback to its client, over the instance context established. In this article, we will explore the same

WCF 4: Download Files using WCF REST EndPoints - This article demonstrates how to make use of WCF REST service for downloading files.

Expose WCF 4.0 Service as SOAP and REST - By exposing a WCF service on REST and SOAP, you can make it more accessible to all types of clients. This is especially useful for the clients who can consume the proxy as well as can understand only HTTP communication with XML data processing. This article shows how to do so.

Creating WCF Service using Workflow 4.0 - By now most of you might have started using VS 2010 Beta 2. In this article we will see how to create a WCF service using Workflow 4.0 Beta 2. This article is based on a Beta version and could possibly change in the future. Assuming you have installed VS 2010 Beta 2, Open VS 2010 and create a Workflow project. Following are the activities provided

Creating Routing Service using WCF 4.0, .NET Framework 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010 - The Routing mechanism WCF 4.0 provides an excellent feature for developing SOA based application. Now the client application is free to send request to any WCF service based upon filters.

Implementing Transport Message Security with WCF 4.0 and VS 2010 - This article is Part 1 of a two part series where I will demonstrate how to create a certificate, create a WCF 4.0 service that uses this certificate and finally host a WCF service on IIS 7.5 with SSL. In this article, we will see how to create a certificate and create a WCF service that uses this certificate.

Hosting WCF 4.0 Service on IIS 7.5 with SSL - This article is Part 2 of the two part series where I demonstrate how to create a certificate, create a WCF service that uses this certificate and finally host a WCF service on IIS 7.5 with SSL. In this article, we will see how to host a WCF service we created in Part 1, on IIS 7.5 with SSL.

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