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I recently stumbled upon the Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Games that includes accelerators, libraries, developer tools, and samples that can be used in games created using .NET or HTML5. The goal is to let game developers focus on development instead of operational hurdles. The Windows Azure platform provides game developers with on-demand compute, storage, content delivery and networking capabilities, so they can start with less resources, backend costs and other overheads and then scale up as per the requirement.

If you are curious about what can be possible using the FREE Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Games, check out a new proof-of-concept game called Tankster  created using this toolkit.

HTML 5 Tankster

Microsoft quoted “This game is built with HTML5 and comes complete with reusable server side code and documentation. It also supports a variety of ways gamers can interact with each other, such as messaging, wall posts, and comments; player achievements and game stats are presented on a live leaderboard. After all, what’s a social game without being able to talk a little trash?”"

I think it is a good approach by the Azure team to capitalize on the game dev force which is looking to create games on the Azure platform. The toolkit allows you to quickly get started building new social games in Windows Azure! 

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