Disable Squiggly or Wavy lines in Visual Studio

The ‘Live Semantic Error feature’ in Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and onwards indicates problems in your code immediately as it detects one, without the need for a compile. Red squiggly or wavy lines appear beneath your code that is incorrect or could cause a problem. For example, there is not method called Closing() in the SerialPort class. So as soon as you type it, a red squiggly line appears indicating it is a syntax error.

Now this could be a time saver in many scenarios, but could also be distracting at times. If you want to temporarily turn it off, here’s how to do so.

Open Visual Studio 2008/2010 > Go to Tools > Options > Text Editor > C# > Advanced > and uncheck the ‘Show live semantic errors’ check box as shown below

Now the squiggles will not appear as you type.

Note: When you compile your code and there are semantic errors detected by the compiler, blue squiggles appear beneath the code that is causing the error.

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Anonymous said...

Very helpful, thank you for saving me from this annoyance.

Raven said...

Thanks! I'm coding in MASM and the random error highlighting was bothering me.