Convert String to Dictionary using LINQ

We were working on a requirement where we had a string containing key-value pairs as shown below:

string htmlStr = "[Emp=1][Dept=2][Age=35][Sex=M]";

We had to convert this string to a Dictionary in the simplest possible way. Here’s how it can be done using Enumerable.ToDictionary()


public static void Main()
string htmlStr = "[Emp=1][Dept=2][Age=35][Sex=M]";
string[] arr = htmlStr.Split(new[] { '[', ']' },
// convert to a Dictionary
var dict = arr
.Select(x => x.Split('='))
.ToDictionary(i => i[0], i => i[1]);

VB.NET (Converted Code)

Public Shared Sub Main()
Dim htmlStr As String = "[Emp=1][Dept=2][Age=35][Sex=M]"
Dim arr() As String = htmlStr.Split( { "["c, "]"c }, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)
' convert to a Dictionary
Dim dict = arr.Select(Function(x) x.Split("="c)).ToDictionary(Function(i) i(0), Function(i) i(1))
End Sub

As you can see, we first split the string and then use the ToDictionary method to convert the split string into a Dictionary object



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