Calculate Age in Years using C# or VB.NET

I was recently checking out some scripts to calculate the Age of a person in years and came across a simple piece of code shared by NeilPric. Here’s the code for your reference:


static void Main(string[] args)
DateTime dob = DateTime.Parse("04/24/1979");

int ageInYrs = DateTime.Now.Year - dob.Year;
if (DateTime.Now.Month < dob.Month
(DateTime.Now.Month == dob.Month &&
DateTime.Now.Day < dob.Day))


Sub Main(ByVal args() As String)
Dim dob As Date = Date.Parse("04/24/1979")

Dim ageInYrs As Integer = Date.Now.Year - dob.Year
If Date.Now.Month < dob.Month _
OrElse (Date.Now.Month = dob.Month AndAlso Date.Now.Day < dob.Day) Then
ageInYrs -= 1
End If
End Sub



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samuel fernandes said...


This is a nice article. Thank for sharing your knowledge. There are some other links related to calculating exact age in years, months and days, i hope this is a very useful for developers.