Generating Test Data For Your Applications

Sometimes on the internet you find websites that are extremely useful. The other day I stumbled upon one such site called

This website does exactly what the URL suggests, it generates test data for you. This is great if you're in I.T. because invariably for a project, you need test data to demonstrate features to your users.

Generating data is a breeze. Give the data a name, choose the data you want and click Generate.


It generates test data which is great for demo's. Here's a small sample:


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Norm said...

Wow. Thank you very much! It is very useful when I want to test an application.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, this is what I needed

Unknown said...

Check out "DataWang" - a .net library wrapper around Google Sets API -

You can hook this library into your .net code and it can even generate lists of your entities with their properties augomagically set to generated values based on an attributes you set.

Malcolm Sheridan said...

@James Simmonds
Thanks for the great info!