Free Chart Control for WinForms, WPF and ASP.NET

Nevron has released a Lite edition of Nevron Chart for .NET as Community edition and they are providing licenses for it absolutely free of charge. Some supported charting types and other features of their chart controls are listed over here:

Since the Community edition is part of the Nevron Chart control, it also relies on licenses (free of charge). They are providing 3 types of licenses –
  • Desktop (required for redistribution of your compiled desktop app),
  • Developer (for your development machine) and
  • Server (required for web application deployment)
The Developer and Server licenses are bound to specific machine IDs and they will require these IDs in order to issue your community license.

You can acquire the free license by following these steps:

1. Register a account and activate it

2. Download the Nevron Vision for .NET installation. They are providing 5 separate installations for the different versions of Visual Studio and the .NET Framework

3. Once you install the Vision suite on your development machine, run the Nevron License Key Manager and obtain the machine ID (located in the key manager window title)

4. Send them your development machine ID via email

Nevron will reply back once the account is updated and the corresponding licenses are available.
I think overall if you are a developer who needs a free chart control for your .NET apps, this is as good as it gets. Get your free license here

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Anonymous said...

It is extremely confusing to register for a license. I gave up midway.

Anonymous said...

I second that. I did manage to register and downloaded a 220 MB dotnetvision2014Vol1VS2012.exe for Vs 2012. but on running the setup it asked me to install .NET fw 2.0. I already have .NET 4.5 on my machine so why would I install 2.0 when the installer says it is for VS 2012 with .NET 4.5?