Sysinternals Suite Update

The Sysinternals Suite by Mark Russinovich’s has some recent updates. The latest build 16.02.2012 brings along updated Coreinfo, DebugView, LiveKd and Process Explorer.

Sysinternals Suite is a powerful set of Windows system utilities. Here are some changes in this latest update:

Coreinfo v3.04: Coreinfo, a tool that dumps information about a system’s processor topology and capabilities, adds a fix for a bug that sometimes misreported the presence of hyperthreading. Presence of TSC (timestamp counter) Invariant support is now reported.

DebugView v4.78: This update to DebugView, a utility for capturing and logging user-mode and kernel-mode debug output messages, can now capture output generated by Metro applications on Windows 8.

LiveKd v5.1: LiveKd, a utility for leveraging kernel debuggers to analyze live physical systems or Hyper-V virtual machines, now supports newer Intel processors that implement the XSAVE instruction.

Process Explorer v15.13: This Process Explorer release adds Background priority to the process context menu, which sets the CPU, memory and I/O priorities of a process to low, and includes a bug fix for restoring user-entered process comments.

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