Create Triangles using Plain CSS and No Images

If someone asks you to create a graphic on a webpage using four triangles in a Square, how would you suggest he/she goes about it? Use JavaScript or Images?


I recently picked up a nice CSS trick from Paul (CSS guru) who told me how to achieve the above output using pure CSS. Here’s the code


CSS code:

border-top:80px solid #FFFF01;
border-left:80px solid #00FF00;
border-right:80px solid #0080FF;
border-bottom:80px solid #FE0002;

and voila! You have your artwork! As you can see, by using simple CSS properties such as border, you can produce complex shapes and orientations without using JavaScript or Images

See a Live Demo

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dragonbite said...

That's pretty good. So simple yet makes sense now looking at it!