SharePoint 2010 and Azure Free Training

I had recently published a list of SharePoint 2010 Tutorials For Beginners and Intermediate Developers. If you are a developer/architect who is interested in understanding how SharePoint 2010 and Windows Azure can leverage each other, then Microsoft recently released the July 2011 update of SharePoint 2010 & Windows Azure Training Kit. The kit contains twelve modules that include PowerPoint decks, hands-on labs and source code that shows how the SharePoint 2010 platform and Windows Azure platform can work together.

Here are the modules covered in this kit:
  • Windows Azure Development Overview
  • SharePoint 2010 Development Overview
  • Getting Started with Integrating SharePoint 2010 and Windows Azure
  • Integrating Windows Azure Web Services with SharePoint 2010
  • Integrating jQuery, SharePoint 2010 and WCF Services in Windows Azure
  • Integrating Windows Azure in Office 2010 Solutions
  • Using Bing Maps in SharePoint 2010 with SQL Azure and Business Connectivity Services
  • Securing Windows Azure Services for SharePoint 2010
  • Using Windows Azure Blob Storage with SharePoint 2010
  • Azure Hosted Application Design Pattern for SharePoint
  • Using Windows Azure with SharePoint Event Handlers
  • Using Windows Azure with SharePoint Workflow

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