Coded UI Tests (CUIT) In Visual Studio 2010

Coded UI Tests (CUIT) is a brand new feature added in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate or Premium version which allows you to test a a User Interface using automated tests. CUIT allows functional testing for UI and the code gets created with the help of high level languages like C# or VB.NET. author Gouri Sohoni has written some good articles about CUIT. Here are the links to them if you are interested to learn more about this new feature

Coded UI Test (CUIT) using Visual Studio 2010 - In this article, we will see how Coded UI Test can be created in Visual Studio 2010 by recording the action using CUIT Builder, how to add assertion and how CUIT can be executed. In the article, we will also see another way of creating CUIT by first executing the test case by using Microsoft Test Manager 2010, recording the actions, convert the actions to Code using Visual Studio 2010 and executing it.
Coded UI Test (CUIT) - Convert Manual Test Case to Code using Visual Studio 2010 - In this article, we will discuss another way of creating Coded UI Test CUIT i.e. by using the recording created with the help of Microsoft Test Manager 2010 in Visual Studio 2010.
Coded UI Test (CUIT) – Variations and Editing with Visual Studio 2010 - In this article we will explore advanced features of CUIT like adding multiple UI maps, re-using code, how the CUIT Editor helps and I will also list the best practices of using CUIT in VS 2010.
Coded UI Test: Convert Normal CUIT to Data Driven CUIT using Visual Studio 2010 - In this article, we will discuss how a normal Coded UI Test can be converted to Data Driven Coded UI Test in Visual Studio 2010. We will also discuss various data sources which can be used to provide data to the test method.

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