Split a String Collection into Groups using LINQ

I was recently working on an interesting problem which involved splitting a string collection into groups. We had a huge collection of email addresses stored in a string array. The task was to loop the array and select 10 emails at a time and send it for processing.

Here’s some LINQ code originally shared by Eric Lippert, that can be helpful if you have a similar requirement without using a loop for grouping.

static void Main(string[] args)
string[] email = {"One@devcurry.com", "Two@devcurry.com",
"Three@devcurry.com", "Four@devcurry.com",
"Five@devcurry.com", "Six@devcurry.com",
"Seven@devcurry.com", "Eight@devcurry.com"};

var emailGrp = from i in Enumerable.Range(0, email.Length)
group email[i] by i / 3;

foreach(var mail in emailGrp)
SendEmail(string.Join(";", mail.ToArray()));


static void SendEmail(string email)
// Assuming that you have code for sending mails here
Console.WriteLine("--Batch Processed--");

The code above uses the LINQ GroupBy operator to group 3 email addresses at a time and send it for processing. Note that a group...by clause translates to an invocation of GroupBy.


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