Disable F1 in Visual Studio

If you are using Visual Studio on a laptop, especially the smaller ones a.k.a. the Netbook, the keys are way too close to each other and I often end up hitting the F1 button instead of the ESC key.

Here’s a simple tip to disable the F1 key in Visual Studio 2005, 2008 or 2010 to save you from some annoyance.

In Visual Studio, Go to Tools > Options > Environment > Keyboard > Select Help.F1Help and say Remove


Simple tip but extremely useful for Netbook owners like me!

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Suprotim Agarwal
Suprotim Agarwal, Developer Technologies MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) is the founder and contributor for DevCurry, DotNetCurry and SQLServerCurry. He is the Chief Editor of a Developer Magazine called DNC Magazine. He has also authored two Books - 51 Recipes using jQuery with ASP.NET Controls. and The Absolutely Awesome jQuery CookBook.

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Anonymous said...

i also removed this key F1 and use this istead of Shift + F12.

are this better ?

Suprotim Agarwal said...

yes whatever suits your req!

Anonymous said...

This is the best damn post on the internet. THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed you can run Visual Studio on a netbook!

Suprotim Agarwal said...

Yes and I run VS 2010 along with SQL 2008 express :) it's an ASUS netbook, less powerful but extremely handy with 1GB RAM + Atom N455 processor

Cris said...

Can you help me about disabling the F1 function so that I can used it for other function like I want to appear a new form when I press F1??
Thank You!