Convert String Array Into String – C# LINQ

A couple months ago, I had written some posts on converting String and Char Arrays

Convert a String Array to a Decimal Array using C# or VB.NET

Convert Char Array to String and Vice Versa

Here’s a very simple way if you want to convert a String Array to String using C# LINQ

static void Main(string[] args)
string[] indiaCityVisit = {
"Delhi", "Jodhpur", "Mumbai", "Pune", "Agra",
"Shimla", "Bengaluru", "Mysore", "Ooty",
"Jaipur", "Nagpur", "Amritsar", "Hyderabad",
"Goa", "Ahmedabad" };

string cities = String.Join(",", indiaCityVisit
.Select(s => s.ToString())

LINQ String Array to String

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David V said...

The LINQ query doesn't do anything here. All the work is done by String.Join.

Anonymous said...

string cities = String.Join(",", indiaCityVisit);