jQuery, ASP.NET, .NET and LINQ articles Link List – November 2010

Here’s a quick wrap up of the articles published on DevCurry.com in the month of November 2010.

jQuery and JavaScript Articles

Rounding Numbers in JavaScript - A very common question while dealing with Math methods in JavaScript is to round numbers. JavaScript provides 3 rounding methods: round(), ceil() and floor()

jQuery UI 1.8.6 Released - jQuery UI 1.8.6 is released. This update officially supports jQuery 1.4.3 and IE 9 and contains bug fixes and enhancements to jQuery UI Core, the Widget Factory, the Mouse widget and the Position utility as well.

Get Selected Items From DropDown control using jQuery - Here’s a very simple way to get the selected items in a DropDownList. Just use the jQuery change() method and write the results to a div control

Redirect a user from HTTP to HTTPS using JavaScript - Although a redirection is best done using your webserver or server-side code (for SEO purpose), here’s a simple way to redirect a page from Http to Https using JavaScript

Remove all White Space using JavaScript - Here’s how to remove all whitespaces (leading, trailing and in between) in a textbox using JavaScript

Loop Object literal using JavaScript - Here’s how to loop a JavaScript object literal and apply conditions to filter the object

Pass Function as a Parameter in JavaScript - You may at times need to pass a function as a parameter to another function. Here’s an example if you have a similar requirement

Generic Error Message in an Ajax call using jQuery - The jquery $.ajaxSetup() allows you to set default values for future Ajax requests. Here’s how to use this function to set a default generic error message

Highlight Elements on a Page using jQuery - Here’s a simple way to highlight elements on a page using jQuery. This example uses the Highlight effect of the jQuery UI library

ASP.NET Articles

Resolving ASP.NET 4.0 has not been Registered on the Web Server Error - While creating an ASP.NET Website in IIS 7 in Visual Studio 2008/2010, you may get the following error:“ASP.NET 4.0 has not been registered on the Web server. You need to manually configure your Web server for ASP.NET 4.0 in order for your site to run correctly, Press F1 for more details”. This post shows how to resolve the error.

Bind ASP.NET GridView to a Custom Object or Collection with Paging and Sorting - I find a lot of users asking how to bind a GridView to a Custom Class with Paging and Sorting enabled. Here’s some sample code that shows that.

Call ASP.NET Handler (ASHX) using JavaScript - I was working on an application which used AJAX and needed the XMLHttpRequest object to communicate with an ASP.NET Generic Handler (.ashx), which contained some server-side logic. Here’s a working prototype if you have a similar requirement

Set Width of GridView TextBox in Edit mode - To modify the width of a TextBox (inside the GridView control) when the GridView is in Edit Mode, use any of the two approaches shown in this post.

ASP.NET with Razor Syntax Beta 3 Free EBook and Tutorials - Microsoft recently released a free book and few samples to help you learn how to create dynamic Web content using ASP.NET Web Pages with the Razor syntax.

Merge GridView Header Columns - Continuing my ASP.NET GridView Tips and Tricks series, here’s another one that shows how to create a merged column in a GridView Header

Using the Deployment retail=true attribute - ASP.NET Settings - One of the most common errors while deploying ASP.NET websites into a production environment is to leave the Trace and Debug enabled or leave the custom errors attribute disabled.

Render Dynamic MetaTags in ASP.NET Page in Separate Lines – This post shows how to configure your code as that ASP.NET generate meta tags on separate lines.

LINQ and other .NET articles

Programmatically find CLR version for a .NET assembly - If you have to programmatically determine the CLR version of an assembly it was compiled against, then use the Assembly.ImageRuntimeVersion property as shown in this article

Rewrite Nested ForEach Loop in LINQ – Loop through two string array's of the same length without writing a foreach, using LINQ

List all .NET Attributes in the Loaded Assemblies - Here’s how to list all the .NET Attributes in the loaded assemblies.

Convert Date and Time to UTC - The TimeZoneInfo class in .NET contains two very useful methods called ConvertTimeToUTC() that converts the current date and time to UTC and ConvertTimeFromUTC() that converts a UTC to the time in a specified time zone.

F# November 2010 CTP available - The F# November 2010 CTP provides all the tools and resources needed to develop applications with the F# programming language

Check Database connection using C# or VB.NET - As a programmer, one of the most common tasks in your application is to connect to the database. Here’s a very simple way to check your database connection before you start any task or use this as a service to check the connection and pause tasks if the connection breaks.

Determine if your Laptop is Running on battery using C# or VB.NET - Here’s some code to programmatically find out if your laptop is currently running on battery power

Other Articles

Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2010 - Microsoft recently released a cool poster that gives an overview of the tools for Business Intelligence (BI) in SharePoint 2010.

USB 3.0 Support in Windows 7 - Did you know that USB 3.0 is not natively supported in Windows 7. So if you happen to plug in a USB 3.0 device and it does not get recognized, don’t be surprised! This post has some workarounds.

Share Visual Studio 2010 Layout Settings Between Machines - I would love to share my Visual Studio layout and other settings in between my two machines. Visual Studio provides just the option I need!

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