Share Visual Studio 2010 Layout Settings Between Machines

I have Visual Studio 2010 installed on two machines: One is on a Multi-Monitor Desktop machine at work and the other on my Home computer. I also very frequently customize Visual Studio the way I want, changing the document windows, setting the floating and docking positions of windows and much much more!

Understandably, I would love to share my Visual Studio layout and other settings in between the two machines. Visual Studio provides just the option I need!

Open Visual Studio > Tools > Import and Export Settings

Visual Studio Export Settings

Choose ‘Export selected environment settings’ and click Next

Uncheck ‘All Settings’ checkbox, expand ‘General Settings’ and select the ‘Windows Layout’ Setting as shown below

Visual Studio Layout Settings

Give the settings file a name and location and click Finish.

To import this setting in a different computer, follow the same step i.e. Visual Studio > Tools > Import and Export Settings. This time select the ‘Import selected environment settings’.

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