Free C# and VB.NET Training Videos

When you are in the need of learning a new programming language or technology, a training video can do wonders! Here are some free C# and VB.NET Training Videos for both the novice and experienced.

So grab some popcorn this weekend, sit back and learn!

C# Training Videos

“How Do I?” Videos for Visual C#

C# Training on Google Videos

C# Training Videos on YouTube

MSDN C# On-Demand Webcast

Channel 9 C# Videos

VB.NET Training Videos

"How Do I" Videos — Visual Basic

VB.NET Training on Google Videos

VB.NET Training Videos on You Tube

MSDN Visual Basic On-Demand Webcasts

Channel 9 VB.NET Videos

Other Free Videos

PDC 2009 Sessions – sessions presented by some of Microsoft’s best speakers.

MIX 2010 Videos - MIX10 session recordings

dnrTV - dnrTv is a fusion of a training video and an interview show. Training videos are typically sterile and one-way – Short ~10 minutes screencasts

MSDN Screencasts - webcast that takes you step-by-step to discovering new functionality or exploring a hot developer topic, all in 10-15 minutes

Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Training Kit - presentations, hands-on labs, and demos

Zeollar – Technical Webcasts - many pages of tutorials and hours of video training sessions that help you learn how to create Windows Client applications

General ASP.NET Videos - dozens of videos designed for all ASP.NET developers, from the novice to the professional.

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