Passing Multiple Values while using jQuery.Ajax()

I recently saw a question on the forums where the user needed to pass the value of multiple textboxes while performing an async HTTP request using $.Ajax()

Here’s how to pass the values of multiple textboxes in the $.Ajax() call. The call is being made to an ASP.NET WebMethod which accepts 3 parameters.

type: "POST",
url: "Customer.aspx/GetAddress",
data: { v1: $('#tb1').val(),
v2: $('#tb2').val(),
v3: $('#tb3').val()
success: function(msg) {
// do something with msg

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Anonymous said...

Try it, no work. Here is Original code:
data: "{accountnumber: '" + $(this).val() + "'}" --- work
If I change to:
data: {accountnumber : $(this).val()} --- no work
Please help

Anonymous said...

It will give 500 internal server until and unless you JSON.stringify({accountnumber : $(this).val()})