Microsoft WebSite Spark and Web Application ToolKits

Microsoft recently announced an amazing initiative for small time web developers and companies. It’s called WebsiteSpark. This is a program designed to jumpstart Web development for individuals or small companies who make a living on the Web. The program is free to join and runs for three years with no cost obligations other than a $100 program fee, payable on exit. Get more details over here

Microsoft has also launched a number of Web Application Toolkits to the Web. Web Application Toolkits are designed to enable Web Developers to simply extend their web application capabilities by providing them with a packaged set of running samples, templates and documentation.

Here are the List of Web Application Toolkits:

Web Application Toolkit for REST Services

Web Application Toolkit for Mobile Web Applications

Web Application Toolkit for Template-Driven Email

Web Application Toolkit for Making your Website Social

Web Application Toolkit for Bing Search

Web Application Toolkit for IE8

Web Application Toolkit for FAQs

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