Microsoft Hohm – A Website on How to be More Energy Efficient


People everyone are trying to be more energy conscious. Microsoft has recently launched a new site called Microsoft Hohm. This website has been created to give people ideas on how to save energy in their home.

From the Hohm Blog:

What is Microsoft Hohm?

Microsoft Hohm is a free online beta application that helps you save energy and money. With Microsoft Hohm you can better understand your home energy usage, get recommendations to conserve energy and start saving. As with any recommendation engine, Hohm will provide increasingly more accurate and relevant suggestions for energy conservation as its users contribute home energy input and feedback. One of the objectives during our beta period is to refine our tool and further increase the value our product can offer to you.

The website can be found at Microsoft Hohm. You’ll need a Windows Live ID to sign up. If you don’t have an account you can sign up here. For regular updates, make sure you check the Hohm Blog.

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Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that it runs on Windows Azure so maybe it's windows azure that slowed you down. Not that it was any better for me either. The profile is ridiculously long and it actually feels like i have to put in everything at once. I am more inclined to complete the profile if the portions are manageable and required updating based on feature set.
Hopefully someone of their team reads this and does something about it