Quickly Replace Data in a String Array using LINQ

LINQ is amazingly flexible. Recently, I came across a client requirement where the client wanted to replace all '@' characters in emails with the text [attherate]. Here's how it can be done easily using LINQ. The same can also be done by looping through the array and replacing it, but LINQ gives you a lot of flexibility in filtering the data.


        string[] emails = { "Shakiy@gmail.com", "Mary@hotmail.com", "Glenn@gmail.com", "Hillock@yahoo.com"};


        var modEmail = from em in emails

                           select new


                               EmailID = em,

                               ModifiedEmail = Regex.Replace(em, "[@]", "[attherate]")



        foreach (var mo in modEmail)


            Response.Write(mo.ToString() + "<br/>");



Private emails() As String = {"Shakiy@gmail.com", "Mary@hotmail.com", "Glenn@gmail.com", "Hillock@yahoo.com"}


var modEmail = from em in emails ReadOnly Property [New]() As select

                       em, ModifiedEmail = Regex.Replace(em, "[@]", "[attherate]")

                       EmailID = em, ModifiedEmail

End Property


For Each mo In modEmail

    Response.Write(mo.ToString() & "<br/>")

Next mo

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George Pagotelis said...

Do you have a find and replace or is that still done in the select query part.

e.g. I have a datarow in DataTable (or string) but I want to replace "<" to "<" & ">" to ">", etc.



Unknown said...

string[] emails = { "Shakiy@gmail.com", "Mary@hotmail.com", "Glenn@gmail.com", "Hillock@yahoo.com" };
var newmodEmail = emails.Select(x => new { EmailID = x, ModifiedEmail = Regex.Replace(x, "[@]", "[attherate]") });
Array.ForEach(newmodEmail.ToArray(), Console.WriteLine);

Unknown said...

dear Sir
I have Page1.aspx with DIV
i am calling Page2.aspx with jQuery Load and Loading in DIV
Page2.aspx has Button..when I click on button page1 vanishes please guide