Creating a Read Only List using LINQ

Have you felt the need of creating a read only List<> ? LINQ makes it very simple with the AsReadOnly() method. Here's how


List<int> integ = new List<int>(){100,200,300,400,500};

IList<int> noModif = integ.AsReadOnly();

foreach (var i in noModif)


    // print i







catch(Exception ex)


    // Exception raised stating that this collection is read only




Dim integ As New List(Of Integer)(New Integer() {100, 200, 300, 400, 500})

Dim noModif As IList(Of Integer) = integ.AsReadOnly()

For Each i In noModif

' print i

Next i




Catch ex As Exception

' Exception raised stating that this collection is read only

End Try

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Anonymous said...

This is not LINQ. Method AsReadOnly is defined on List<T>.