Quickly Replace Non-Numeric characters In a String

If you have a requirement where in you do not want to prevent users from entering non-numeric characters in a textbox, however want to filter out all the non-numeric characters, then here's how to do so:

First import the namespace System.Text.RegularExpressions;


    // Replace non-numeric characters 

    string str = "12d223*23#22";

    string newStr = Regex.Replace(str, @"[^\d]", "");


    // Displays 122232322


    ' Replace non-numeric characters 

    Dim str As String = "12d223*23#22"

    Dim newStr As String = Regex.Replace(Str, "[^\d]", "")


    ' Displays 122232322

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Greg Stratton said...

This was perfect - thanks for the great (and simple) post!

Anonymous said...

Regex.Replace has a speed problem, will be your slowest line on your code, use with caution.

Anonymous said...

THANKS !!!!!