ASP.NET Project Image Paths

I still see a lot of developers getting confused with the image paths in an ASP.NET application.

Here’s a very quick primer to help you with it:

Absolute Path

<img src="" />

Images folder in site root directory ("/")

<img src="/Images/SomeImage.jpg" />

Images folder in the current directory ("./")

<img src="./Images/SomeImage.jpg" />

./image.jpg and image.jpg are the same and refer to the current directory

Images folder in the parent directory ("../")

<img src="../Images/SomeImage.jpg" />

Root operator to identify root of the current application (~)

<asp:image runat="server" id="someImage"
  ImageUrl="~/Images/SomeImage.jpg" />

Using ResolveUrl()

We just saw that ~/ means the application physical root folder. However using this in the following format will not work on a webpage with a Master Page (ex: <img src="~/Images/SomeImage.jpg" />)

So instead use the Page.ResolveUrl() which translates an application relative URL to an absolute URL.

<img src='<%=Page.ResolveUrl(‘~/Images/SomeImage.jpg’) %>' />

Page.ResolveUrl converts the tilde ~ into the correct path for the current application directory.

I hope I have covered most of the frequently used paths. In case you have any doubts, just use the comments section to clarify them.

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