Web Browser Developer Tools and Layout Engines

A layout engine a.k.a web browser engine or browser rendering engine is a component that parses HTML, XML, CSS, Images etc. and renders it on the screen. A browser developer tool lets you inspect, debug, analyze and diagnose issues with CSS, HTML, Scripts etc. inside your browser.

As a web developer, you must know what layout engines and developer tools your browser uses. It helps to understand browser rendering and resolve issues when you are developing cross browser apps. Here’s a list of some popular browser developer tools and the layout engines for your reference.

Browser Name Layout Engine Developer Tools
Chrome WebKit Google Chrome Inspector
FireFox Gecko Firebug
Internet Explorer and WP 7 Trident IE Developer Tools
Konqueror KHTML KIO
Opera (desktop and mobile) Presto Opera DragonFly
Safari (desktop and mobile) WebKit Web Inspector

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