Java to .NET Migration WhitePaper–Trends and Benefits

I stumbled upon an interesting whitepaper written by Pique solutions. It spoke about the trends and insights and the strategic investments being made by companies, while doing a development platform migration from Java to .NET.

According to the whitepaper, the primary reasons of migration included technical and business reasons, platform stability and reliability, vendor support, total cost of ownership, and staff expertise and the availability of skills.

Here’s an interesting observation made in the whitepaper:
A higher incidence of companies migrating to .NET, with 28% more enterprises migrating from Java to .NET than from .NET to Java. Nearly one in five of the 782 companies in the survey already migrated from Java to .NET, with nearly half of those migrations occurring within the past six months.
Assuming this survey is unbiased, that is a pretty impressive number! Here’s an interesting chart that displays the top three business drivers for Migration

Java to .NET Comparison
[Image copyright by @pique solutions]

To view the report in detail, Download the Whitepaper – Java to .NET Migration: Marketing Trends and Benefits

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