Windows Phone 7 ‘s Next Release called Mango announced –Important Links

Microsoft announced the next release of Windows Phone 7 – code named Mango. The primary focus of this Beta release has been  app centric multitasking (partial), IE9 Webbrowser controls (HTML 5 support comes in naturally),  Silverlight 4 and XNA support, additional sensors, Direct camera access, VB.NET support, Local SQL DB, and more.

You can get an overview of what’s new by watching this video.

Here are some important links:
Although Microsoft aims at bringing the phone at par with IOS and Android, there’s still a long long way to go! The latest version of IOS 4 and Android 3 are way ahead in feature and functionality. But MS is on the right direction. Windows Phone 7.5 s/w update is expected around Christmas. So stay tuned and Happy Mango coding!

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