Silverlight and Prism 4

Prism is a guidance designed and developed by Microsoft which helps in designing and building WPF, Silverlight client applications and Windows Phone 7 applications, which are feature rich, easy and flexible to maintain. DotNetCurry author Mahesh Sabnis has written some cool articles covering Silverlight and Prism. Here’s a bunch of them for your reference:

Using Prism with Silverlight 4 - In the article, we will see how to use Prism in Silverlight by creating a sample application.

Prism 4 - Load Modules in Silverlight 4 using Prism - Multiple ways - Module is the most important part of a Prism 4 enabled Silverlight application. It can be registered, loaded in multiple ways, as shown in this article

Loosely Coupled Silverlight 4 applications using Prism 4 and Commanding - In this article, we will how to use DelegateCommand for implementing loosely coupled applications in Silverlight 4 using Prism 4.

Silverlight and Prism: Communication between two Views of the same Module using IEventAggregator - This article shows how to establish communication between two Views of the same Module (intra-module) or two Views of different Modules in Silverlight 4 and Prism 4

Prism 4: Defining Custom Command Behavior for ListBox control in Silverlight 4.0 - In this article, we will see how to define custom command behavior to the List Box control using Silverlight and Prism 4

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