jQuery: Check if Function Exists before Calling

This post shows how to check if a function exists, before calling it. We will use both JavaScript as well as jQuery (JavaScript library) to do so.

Using JavaScript

In order to check if a function exists using plain JavaScript, use the following code:

check function exists

The output is the following:


Using jQuery

jQuery contains the jQuery.isFunction() which finds out if the parameter passed to it is a function.

<script type="text/javascript">
calculateSum() {

// using jQuery
if ($.isFunction(window.calculateSum))
document.writeln('calculateSum does not exist');

Since calculateSum() exists, the method gets called.

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Unknown said...

The jQuery example will throw a ReferenceError if the function is not defined. It should be altered to test window.calculateSum as well.

Suprotim Agarwal said...

JFSIII - Thanks for the pointer. It's fixed now. By the way for all inbuilt functions, the following can also be used

if ('data' in $)
alert('$.data exists');
alert('$.data does not exists');

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post...that's a good tip. I wasn't aware of jQuery's "isFunction" method.

I know this is off-topic but I do have a little suggestion regarding your site's tagline: "What's cooking developers?" I think you mean, "What's cooking, developers?" Otherwise, the lack of the comma in the tagline suggests that developers are actually being cooked by some unknown entity. ;)

Not a major issue at all but I thought I'd let you know.
- g

Suprotim Agarwal said...

:) yes that's a good observation. I will get it changed this weekend and add a comma there!

Thanks Anonymous (what's your name?)

psayre23 said...

To test if jQuery has a fuctnion, use:

var hasCss = 'css' in $.fn;
var hasCss = $.isFunction($.fn.css);

Anonymous said...

Although my previous comment suggests that the "g" stands for "Grammar nazi", my name is actually "Gregg". ;)