JavaScript: Filter Bad Words in a String

In this post, we will see how to filter bad words in a string using JavaScript. To do so, we will first define an array that contains all the words that are to be filtered. We will then use a regular expression to check a piece of text (bad words) in a string.

Let us see some code:

title>JavaScript BadWord Filter by</title>
script type="text/javascript">
filterWords = ["fool", "dumb", "couch potato"];
// "i" is to ignore case and "g" for global
var rgx = new RegExp(filterWords.join(""), "gi");

function wordFilter(str) {
return str.replace(rgx, "****");

// call the function
document.write("Original String - ");
document.writeln("You fool. Why are you so dumb <br/>");
document.write("Replaced String - ");
document.writeln(wordFilter("You fool. Why are you so dumb"));

As you can see, the filterWords array contains some bad words we want to filter. We then use a Regex to match the pattern, as shown below.


The first parameter is a string with the pattern and the second patterns is to make the match case-insensitive and global (match more than one words)

The function wordFilter then uses this Regex to replace the abusive word with *****


That’s it. Call this function on a string and this is what you get.



See a Live Demo

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Wy Sea said...
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Wy Sea said...

How do i use this against a input textarea? to check example when a user type a bad word it auto convert into **** something like that?
it doesn't work in MVC 4? i tried not working