Print Source Code in Color using Visual Studio 2010

Although Visual Studio 2008 supported printing of source code with color, Visual Studio 2010 prints code in Black and White. The VS team while releasing VS 2010 added no support for printing source code, with colored syntax! A lot of us jokingly thought that the VS team wanted to discourage printing and someone was a Go-Green fan in their team :) although the actual reason was, that they could not add color printing in VS 2010 due to time constraints.

The good news is, using the recently released Free Color Printing extension, you can now print code in color using VS 2010. I too am a Go-Green guy, but if I have to print, colors are goood!

Note that Color Printing extension only works on Visual Studio 2010 Premium, Professional and Ultimate editions. Since the Express editions do not support extensions, source code color printing is not available to developers using VS 2010 Express editions.

Hopefully with the release of VS 2010 SP1 next year, I expect the support for code color printing out-of-the-box. By the way, if you missed the announcement, VS 2010 SP1 Beta is out.

Download Color Printing Extension from the Visual Studio Gallery

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