jQuery Mobile alpha and jQuery 1.4.3 released

There were a couple of releases by the jQuery Team this week!

The first alpha release of the jQuery Mobile project was announced a couple of days ago. The jQuery Mobile project is a user interface framework, built on top of jQuery, designed to simplify the process of building applications that target mobile devices. Check jQuery Mobile 1.0a1 Demos and Documentation.

The jQuery Mobile alpha release supports many A-Grade browsers such as iOS devices, Android devices, Blackberry OS 6, webOS, Fennec, and Opera Mobile.

The jQuery team also released jQuery 1.4.3 with some bug fixes and performance improvements. Amongst other changes, some noticeable ones were integration with JSLint tool, improved CSS module performance, HTML5 data attribute support and performance improvement in all major traversal methods.

Read more here What’s New in jQuery 1.4.3

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