jQuery, ASP.NET, .NET and LINQ articles Link List – October 2010

Here’s a quick wrap up of the articles published on DevCurry.com in the month of October.


Start and Stop an Animation in jQuery - Starting and Stopping a jQuery Animation is as simple as using the animate() and stop() functions

Retrieve DIV value in ASP.NET using jQuery - How to retrieve the value of a DIV in ASP.NET using jQuery

Replace Word in a Text using jQuery - How to replace a word in a text using jQuery

Date Time Manipulation using JavaScript - Perform some date time manipulations in JavaScript

Redirect to a New Page using JavaScript - See how to redirect to a new page and avoid the back button

Filter and Convert JSON object to String - Filter only certain members of the JSON object and convert it into JSON text

Find the Nth Number of Fibonacci series using JavaScript - Here’s some fun finding the Nth number of a Fibonacci series using JavaScript Recursion

jQuery Mobile alpha and jQuery 1.4.3 released - This post discusses a couple of releases by the jQuery Team

Use jQuery to Detect if User has Scrolled to the Bottom or Top of a Page - Here’s a simple way to detect if the user has scrolled to the Top or Bottom of the page using jQuery

Find Nth Element on a Page using jQuery - A lot of developers often ask how to find the Nth element on a Page – for eg: Check if the user clicked inside the ‘4th TextBox’ or Clicked the ‘3rd Link’ on a Page. This post shows how to find the Nth Element on a page

Use jQuery to Scroll to Bottom or Top of a Page - Learn how to use jQuery to scroll to the bottom of a Page


Programmatically Determine the Operating System using .NET - Here’s how to programmatically determine the Windows OS you are using

Attributes Every .NET Developer Should Know About - Here’s a list of important .NET attributes that is commonly used in projects and proves very useful if you know about them beforehand

Log a String Collection in .NET - Simple routine to log messages to a text file for later analysis

List names of all Text files from a Directory and SubDirectories using .NET 4.0 - How to search and list the names of all Text Files in a Directory as well as its SubDirectories using .NET 4.0

Convert DateTime to Different TimeZones - How to convert a DateTime using different time zone identifiers like “India Standard Time”, “Pacific Standard Time” and so on


Swap Words inside a String using LINQ - Here’s how to swap two words using LINQ in .NET 4.0

Count File Extensions and Group it using LINQ - Read file names in a folder and show the count of files grouped by the file extension

Generate Sequence of Float Numbers within a Range using LINQ - Generate float numbers within a Range say - 20 to 40 using LINQ


Disable Weekends in ASP.NET Calendar Control - Prevent the users from selecting any dates that fall on a weekend (Saturday & Sunday)

ASP.NET MVC 3 Beta, WebMatrix Beta 2 and NuPack released - ScottGu announced updates to the release of ASP.NET MVC 3 Beta, WebMatrix Beta 2 and a new project called NuPack.

Count Items in a RSS/Atom Feed using .NET - Given a RSS or Atom Feed URL, here’s a simple way to count the number of items in the feed

ASPX vs ASCX (ASP.NET Page vs User Control) - A lot of web developers while learning ASP.NET get confused with the difference between an ASP.NET Page and ASP.NET User Control. This post clears some confusion

Display Default Image when No Image Found - A solution to display a Default Image in the Image control, when the original image is not available

Visual Studio

HTML 5 Intellisense In Visual Studio 2010 and 2008 - Visual Studio 2010 supports HTML 5 Intellisense through a free tool

Debug Silverlight Applications in Visual Studio - In order to debug a Silverlight application, you have to attach to a running instance of the application in your browser. Let us see how to do this

Visual Studio - Always Run as Administrator - By elevating permissions for Visual Studio, you can perform all tasks related to features such as building and debugging applications, which 'might not' work correctly under standard user permissions. Find out how to always run Visual Studio as Administrator


Free Training on Windows Server AppFabric - The AppFabric team has released a full online ‘downloadable’ training kit for Windows Server AppFabric. The 4-day training kit includes lab exercises and high-definition recordings of live sessions

Install IIS 7 on Windows 7 - In this post, we will go through the steps to install IIS7 on Windows 7

Free EBook: Programming Windows Phone 7, by Charles Petzold - Windows Programming legend Charles Petzold released a Free eBook about Windows Phone 7 Programming

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