Windows Server AppFabric Architecture Guide for enterprise-scale load requirements

Microsoft recently released the Windows Server AppFabric Architecture Guide.

The focus of this document is to provide specific recommendations on how to properly design an AppFabric deployment for enterprise-scale load requirements. The document discusses the following:

  • high-level understanding of the primary components of AppFabric.
  • specific issues that influence your AppFabric architecture that include concepts surrounding configuration of the hosting environment, the AppFabric Windows services, and deployment of .NET Framework WCF and WF services to an AppFabric web farm
  • understand how to conceptually scale out an AppFabric installation at the service and database tiers. The configuration of the persistence and monitoring data plays an important role in ensuring that your architecture is able to scale correctly over time.
  • look at optimizations and different server and cluster configurations at the data-tier level.

You may also want to also look at the Windows Server AppFabric Web Farm Guide which contains related deployment and configuration information.

What is App Fabric?

As given in the document - AppFabric extends Windows Server to provide enhanced hosting, management, and caching capabilities for web applications and middle-tier services. The AppFabric hosting features add service management extensions to Internet Information Services (IIS), Windows Process Activation service (WAS), and the .NET Framework version 4. These features include Hosting Services and Hosting Administration tools that make it easier to deploy, configure, and manage Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)-based services.

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