Learn JavaScript, straight from the Gurus - Free JavaScript Video Lectures

I consider myself lucky to ‘know’ and have ‘access’ to these brilliant and free JavaScript videos and lectures, delivered by the best in the industry.

In this post, I will share links of some very useful JavaScript videos and lectures delivered by JavaScript Gurus, full of information, fun watching and absolutely Free! Although the internet is full of free videos, I have chosen only a couple of them, which I found the most useful. Get ready to take notes as you learn..

Crockford’s video lectures on JavaScript – Douglas Crockford is a JavaScript architect and plays an important role in designing new features of the language. His videos are a ‘must-have’ for any JavaScript developer.

YUI Theater - Provides access to free programming talks by gurus on JavaScript and web development.

Channel 9 JavaScript videosTalk shows and videos about JavaScript. Also contains videos of using JavaScript with Microsoft technologies.

David J Malan Dynamic Website Lectures - Professor David J. Malan discusses the use of JavaScript in building dynamic websites - Lecture 8 and Lecture 9

Google: HTML, CSS, and Javascript from the Ground UpBasic understanding of how UI’s are created using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Here are some additional videos I found interesting, in no particular order

The Past, Present and Future of JavaScript

Crockford – Javascript: The Good Parts (Excellent talk)

Nicholas Zakas: "Maintainable JavaScript"

John Resig: "Advancing JavaScript with Libraries" - 1 of 2

John Resig: "Advancing JavaScript with Libraries" - 2 of 2

Best Practices in Java script Library Design

High-performance JavaScript: Why Everything You’ve Been Taught Is Wrong

If you know of any other JavaScript videos/lectures that are available freely, please share them with the viewers in the comments section

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