Internet Explorer 9 Beta Released – Is the Web Blushing?

Competition brings out the best!

The internet currently is being stormed with the news of IE 9 Beta release. Well there’s a reason for it, as although developers and users got a glimpse of IE9 features through the platform previews and the test drives, the user interface has been released for the first time for the public to view.

Through the IE 9 platform previews, it was evident to an IE user/developer that this is the best effort the IE team has made so far and it did pay off. This new version of IE and it’s interface, is absolutely amazing!! Here are some key features that I would like to point at:

  • cleaner, streamlined interface, with focus on content.
  • faster browser, fast enough to compete and surpass competitor browsers in some areas
  • more secure
  • GPU-powered, hardware acceleration
  • improved JavaScript Engine
  • better support for HTML5, CSS3 embracing modern web
  • Seamless integration with Windows 7
  • and much more…

Watch a video of IE 9 below (video opens in a new browser)


If you are new to IE 9 and have never seen/heard about it before, see all the demos of the test drive. Since this is a beta product, there are going to be some crashes (I encountered one). Nevertheless, once you start using it, you keep saying to yourself ‘Man, this is a great product’. Here’s an excellent and a detailed review by Ed Bott Internet Explorer 9 beta review: Microsoft reinvents the browser

I am gearing up to put aside the sluggish experience I had with the previous version of IE (IE 8) and now look forward to the IE 9 release and I must admit, I am already enjoying this beautiful online experience. Kudos IE Team!

Download IE 9 Beta over here

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