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There are just so many websites right now and almost every niche and type of products can be found online. But unsurprisingly, most webmasters who own these websites are often clueless on how to actually set it all up by themselves. Well, that’s what web developers and programmers are for. But unfortunately, a lot of people really don’t have the budget to hire someone. So, they either end up trying to learn things on their own or just totally forget about the whole idea.

Well it doesn’t always have to be that way. Doteasy is one of the leading domain name registrars since 2000. They also offer reliable web hosting services and guarantee 99.9% uptime to all webmasters. Their best seller is their unlimited hosting package which is only $9.95 per month and best for setting up a business online. What they offer with their hosting packages is not just reliability but also something for anyone to easily manage and set up. And this is perfect even for those who aren’t much familiar with the technical stuff.

What they offer with their unlimited hosting?

Aside from the unlimited hosting storage, unlimited data transfer, unlimited email accounts and other things, they also provide a lot of free scripts, web tools, applications and services for their customers. You can easily set up a blog, forum, shopping cart and so much more with their one click install scripting. And if you got a script of your own, they could even help install that for you absolutely free. These are just among the many reasons why their unlimited hosting plan is great. Doteasy simply makes things really less complicated and instead much easier for first time webmasters but still competent enough for end users. They also offer free email, chat and telephone support for assistance.

And if you’re having doubts about their reliability and services, you can even try their free web hosting with no set up fee or extra charges. They are one of the few who guarantees 99.9% uptime and no annoying ads or pop-ups even with their free web hosting. Plus, you still get to have free web tools and apps to help you build your website with less hassle and a cPanel control panel. With their current promo of any .COM/.NET/.ORG domain name registration for only $7.95 a year, you can start your own blog with the personalized domain name and one year free web hosting with coupon code 1003BPM (just enter the coupon code before check out). A free web hosting package like that is definitely something worth checking out.

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