Microsoft Office 2010 GiveAway

Microsoft Office has been one of the most successful products from Microsoft. If you have been keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest news surrounding Microsoft Office, you are probably aware that a new version of MS Office 2010 is soon to be released.

Here’s a chance for you (only residents of India) to own a copy of the latest offering from Office 2010. We are providing 1 Office 2007 Home and Student for you to give away. This will be freely upgradeable to Office 2010 once it releases in June.

How Do I Participate in this GiveAway?

To participate, all you have to do is drop in a comment on this post and let us know why do you want this product. Make sure you enter your emailid or twitterid in the comment. The winner will be contacted and sent an email and they will redeem their awards via The prizes can only be shipped to India.

Virtual Launch Event

The community is also hosting a Virtual Launch Event for Office 2010 on May 25 and 26th. The webcasts is FREE to attend and people can participate either online or by going to the nearest available center. The sessions will be delivered by MVPs. To register please visit:

In June, limited cities will be hosting Community Launch Events for Office 2010. At the launch events, attendees will get to see Office 2010 in action and learn how to do their work better with Office 2010. The details are available on

Note: This contest is open to residents of India only. The winner will be announced on June 10th, 2010.

Update: The winner of this contest is Harpreet Singh Khandiyal(hsk1313). Congratulations Harpreet! Check your Email.

About The Author

Suprotim Agarwal
Suprotim Agarwal, Developer Technologies MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) is the founder and contributor for DevCurry, DotNetCurry and SQLServerCurry. He is the Chief Editor of a Developer Magazine called DNC Magazine. He has also authored two Books - 51 Recipes using jQuery with ASP.NET Controls. and The Absolutely Awesome jQuery CookBook.

Follow him on twitter @suprotimagarwal.


prince said...

MSO is one of the best software for tecnical as well non techi becoz of lots of feature starting from " writing a book" ( chetan bhagat always thanks in its acknowledgement), making list, writing letter to calculation via MS excel.. i think world's one of the most " used software" is MSO
i would like to have one license.. count me in..

prince said...

and hey.. my twitter id is : username " princeatom"


Unknown said...

Thanks for this great giveaway. I am using MS Office beta for some time and started liking it compared to other versions because of the new interesting featutes like Ribbon like interface, paste preview, backstage view, new image editor in word. Please count me in this giveaway.

Shared these at twitter

Abhijeet said...

Wow! Thanks for this great initiative.
MSOffice is clearly the queen in MS's army, and no one could dethrone it till date.
I'd like to gift to my younger brother who is a commerce student.
My twitter id: kookya

Pragnesh Patel said...

As ms technologies programmer i like ms office.

Twitter: pragneshmpatel

Pratik said...

Yes, I have been using office 2010 for about a week now and perhaps believe that it is a good upgrade from the 2007 version. The streamlined interface is easy on the eyes and I have to admit that the best feature that I came across has been the ability to embed video in ppt presentations along with support for streaming videos from sites like youtube… The editing features for the videos is very decent from presentation point of view….

Thank you for organizing this giveaway… I think might be lucky this time around…

My Twitter handle: pratikonomics
Email ID:

@ b h i said...

I have been using Office 2007 for a long time at work. Was excited to see the Office 2010 Beta was available and tried it. It is amazing in a lot of ways and really love it. Would like others to look at it give away to people who resist updating to the latest one just being apprhensive about it.

twitter id: RathoreA

Hanu said...

Thanks for this great initiative.
Really excited

Email ID:
Twitter: maheshchintawar

Hanu said...

Great to have such fruitful offer !!!
MS Office is like “Daily Need” in day to day office work, having new versions of office means getting life more and more simpler.
My dad is amid fan of MS Office , he says for a normal computer users(who use computer for office works) having MS Office means solving almost every day to day need.
I am really exiting about what all new features in upcoming MS Office.

Gmail ID:
Twitter: maheshchintawar

Dhaval Charadva said...

Microsoft Office is complete office manager package. It helps office works and i use it for my development also. I think many people dont know that access & excel is gr8 capability for databases and i used it as worth.

i used excel to genrate 1000 lines script by just dragging cell with arguments.

So i give it ranking on top.

Gmail :
Twitter : dhavalcharadva

Dhiraj Sinha said...

Hello Suprotim,
The feature that impresses me most is that one can now seamlessly collaborate on a project with one's coworkers using webapps over SkyDrive or Facebook.Besides,the "paste preview tool",which lets one assess how a copied content would look like while keeping the source formatting intact or stripped or merged without actually pasting it!!,is also very enticing.The more widespread usage of the ribbon interface now across all components of the office is also a welcome move.So keeping in mind the things I have said above,do count me in the giveaway please!!
Thanking you...Dhiraj
P.S. My twitter handle is d4dhiraj

kweeny said...

Hi, thanks for this wonderful opportunity to win Office2010. pls count me in as I would really appreciate winning this program which is the best till date.
Have tweeted about this.

Vipul said...

Thanks for the promo!
Following You on twitter @vip2200
I want to use office 2010 due to new feature in Microsoft Office 2010 the Social Connector.I want to write emails while keeping track of my family, friends, and colleagues even when I am on work.

Plz give me one, Thanks!

Denver Virtual Assistant said...

I always have to update my MS Office to keep up with clients who update it. Plus I've read it's got some new features, similar to google docs.

Anonymous said...

When will the winner be announced? Or has anyone already contacted?

Suprotim Agarwal said...

The winner will be announced on June 10th, 2010. Till then you are free to participate.

venkata suman said...

I love the features of word which makes life simple for constant proposal writers like me! Header, Footer, easy colo schemes, covering letter title styles and finally the ribbon interface!
The ribbon interface is definitely the best part of Office 2010! Too good. . .. plus I am going to like the stronger photo/video integration with powerpoint for my presentations….and finally, the simultaneous editing of files from two locations means no more file open in another computer errors!

he editing features for the videos is very decent from presentation point of view….
Thank you for organizing this giveaway… I think might be lucky this time around…

my tweet:

gmail id:

Viswamatha said...

I would like to have a license of MS office 2010 as i am a hardcore pc user and creating and publishing documents and reports are among my priorities , i find ms office 2010 as the best and secure office version ever ,it is secure ,it saves my files directly in pdf format ,its ribbon interface makes files creation more easier and interesting ,its fast and has much larger array of new features to give ur experience a new dimension ,but the sad thing for me is that i am still stucked with office 2003 and want to upgrade my system with this gem.

he best features that I liked the most in Office are as follows:
The productive ribbon interface and the backstage interface, the paste preview function, the new Excel sparklines function. Obviously I can’t left the themes and the ease of creating the best looking presentation in less time and more small changes too!
I hope I win one license of Office 2010..this will help me a lot..


gmail id:

KaushaL said...

well, I love this product because this is the second one(after mspaint I learned when I started looking at the computers when I was in my childhood. Since, All the documents that I created ever since then - ALL are with the help of this helpful product only.

My email id =

Twitter id =

Rahul said...

I have been using MS Office 2010 beta and am impressed and awed by it. Its totally what I wanted, many features are to my liking. And if i have a license of the final release would be great.

Twitter ID: RahulSah

Unknown said...

The best features in office 2010? In my opinion,
Sparklines in excel is a fantastic tool to impress bosses with,

The remove background tool and picture effects nearly eliminate the use of third party programmes while making reports

And my personal favorite, backstage really improves upon the file menus, and printing.

Unknown said...

Besides,the "paste preview tool",which lets one assess how a copied content would look like while keeping the source formatting intact or stripped or merged without actually pasting it!!,is also very enticing.

The remove background tool and picture effects nearly eliminate the use of third party programmes while making reports.

Harpreet Singh Khandiyal said...

I have been using Office 2010 for while now, first the CTP, then BETA and now the 60 day trial for Office 2010. I really like the new ribbon for OneNote and Outlook. Calculator feature in OneNote is cool too, just can’t do any work without OneNote these days. The video editing in PowerPoint is helpful for me.

But the most important feature that I like is the conversation view in Outlook. It has helped me in sorting tons of my emails. I'm truly in love with that feature.

I would really love to have a copy of the Office 2010 for me.

Email : hsk13_13 (at) hotmail (dot) com
Twitter : @hsk1313

Meena said...

Thanks for this giveaway.

Been using beta version.

Ribbon interface is really nice.

Sharing and collaborating features are awesome.

Twitter Handle : meenabaj

Anonymous said...

Has the winner been contacted? or you'd just post his/her name in this comments section?

Suprotim Agarwal said...

The winner will be announced in a short while from now. Stay tuned!

Harpreet Singh Khandiyal said...

Thanks for selecting me as the winner !! :)
Have already replied to your email, Suprotim.