WHOIS Information using Windows Command Line

Here’s a simple way to view WHOIS information using Windows Command Line. Just download the WHOIS command-line client called Whois v1.01 from Microsoft as part of its Sysinternals Suite. I have copied it in D:\Utils

Now open the Command Line and type the following command:

whois somesite.com or

whois ipaddress

The results are as shown below:

WHOIS CommandLine

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Biddle said...

Man i love this blog.neat tool!

rebtut said...

If you like doing whois by command line a better tool is rebol (easier and quicker to learn than powershell for such kind of task). See whois example here:

James said...

@rebut: RU high? There is no need to learn PowerShell or any other scripting language.

From the command line, simply type WHOIS plus a domain name or IP address, as is shown in the above screen-shot.

I don't know why you think that's faster or easier than using a graphical tool like the one you are inappropriately advertising.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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David Refaeli said...

atleast in windows 10 you have to add the download path to windows environment variables.

Right click "This PC" -> Properties > Advanced System Settings -> Environment Variables -> Choose the "Path" from system variables, and edit -> add -> Add the path (directory) of where you installed whois (for example, if its in c:\whois\ - add it). Open command prompt (if it's allready open - close and reopen) and then whois is ready to go.