Measuring ViewState of your Page with a Simple tool

Whenever I come across performance related issues due to the ViewState, I use the ASP.NET ViewState Helper tool from Binary Fortress. Although there are many other tools that help you measure viewstate, I like this tool as its very simple to use.

Assuming you have downloaded it from here, just run it.

Now open an ASP.NET Page in either IE or Firefox and start monitoring the page ViewState right away! Here’s a sample screenshot of some ASP.NET Pages I browsed for demo purpose

ViewState Measure

According to the product description:

ASP.NET ViewState Helper gives you very detailed information to help you optimize your web application’s performance. It allows you to see the following details about each page:

  • Page’s total size: This is the total size of the web page shown in the URL column
  • ViewState size: This is the size of the ViewState field
  • ViewState %: What percent of the total page size is being taken up by the ViewState?
  • Markup size: The size of HTML markup (non-visible text) on the page
  • Markup %: What percent of the page consists of non-visible HTML markup?

Double-click any URL in the list to bring up the ViewState Decoder window. If the selected page contains a ViewState, it will be decoded into plain text, and also broken down into a tree-view for easy analysis.

Check it out. It’s free and helpful!

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