Generate Stronger Random Numbers using C# and VB.NET

The RNGCryptoServiceProvider Class implements a cryptographic Random Number Generator (RNG) using the implementation provided by the cryptographic service provider (CSP). Here’s how to generate random numbers using this class. Make sure you import the System.Security.Cryptography namespace before using this sample code


static void GenerateRandomNumber()
byte[] byt = new byte[4];
RNGCryptoServiceProvider rngCrypto =
new RNGCryptoServiceProvider();
int randomNumber = BitConverter.ToInt32(byt, 0);


Shared Sub GenerateRandomNumber()
Dim byt As Byte() = New Byte(4) {}
Dim rngCrypto As New RNGCryptoServiceProvider()
Dim randomNumber As Integer = BitConverter.ToInt32(byt, 0)
End Sub


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Anonymous said...

hey i wanna know that can u explain the code in detail like why u chose byte[] array and all and why did u put 4 rather then any other no il be gratefull if u can tell me that