Create a Trial Version/Shareware .NET application

I see plenty of questions around creating shareware applications. Although there are some tools and code available on the web that let you do that, I thought of writing this post to let you know about the FREE Shareware Starter Kit

The Shareware Starter Kit was released a couple of years ago by Microsoft and is a sample application that implements the common features in shareware applications. Although this was released a couple of years ago, you can easily follow the code to create one of your own or enhance it further. Here are some features of this starter kit

- integrated e-commerce using PayPal for users to purchase a licensed copy of your software via webservices

- Try and Buy feature which lets you configure your application for a trial period before prompting the user for a secure product activation

- A simple form to let you register the product as well as accept customer feedback directly from the product using webservices

- Capturing errors and exceptions and reporting using Web services.

I hope you find the Shareware Starter Kit useful to create your own Shareware applications

You can see a Demo of this kit over here

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