Professional ASP.NET 4 Book

Those who have been doing ASP.NET development and reading ASP.NET books are quite familiar with Wrox author Bill Evjen. He is a leading expert on ASP.NET and has the ability to present complex topics with ease.

Bill along with two other experts (Scott Hanselman, Devin Rader ) has authored a new book on ASP.NET 4.0 called Professional ASP.NET 4 in C# and VB. The book will be released in March and you can pre-order it over here

Professional ASP.NET 4 contains:

  • Demonstrates ASP.NET built-in systems such as the membership and role management systems

  • Covers everything you need to know about working with and manipulating data

  • Discusses the plethora of server controls that are at your disposal

  • Explores new ways to build ASP.NET, such as working with ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET AJAX

  • Examines the full life cycle of ASP.NET, including debugging and error handling, HTTP modules, the provider model, and more

  • Features both printed and downloadable C# and VB code examples


About The Author

Suprotim Agarwal
Suprotim Agarwal, Developer Technologies MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) is the founder and contributor for DevCurry, DotNetCurry and SQLServerCurry. He is the Chief Editor of a Developer Magazine called DNC Magazine. He has also authored two Books - 51 Recipes using jQuery with ASP.NET Controls. and The Absolutely Awesome jQuery CookBook.

Follow him on twitter @suprotimagarwal.


Unknown said...

Cool! Unfortunately I will have to wait till it is released in india. Cannot order from amazon :(

Anonymous said...

thank you

Jenny Moore said...

are there any sample chapters available before purchasing the book?