Creating a CustomFilter on the Silverlight 3 AutoCompleteBox

Silverlight 3 has the AutoCompleteBox control which is a textbox that shows suggestions in a drop-down, when the user types text into it. Here’s a very simple example of this control in action.

Just drop in a TextBlock and the Silverlight3 AutoCompleteBox control inside a Canvas as shown below:

 <Canvas x:Name="LayoutRoot" Height="300" Width="300"
TextBlock Text="Enter Country starting with 'A'"
Canvas.Top="5" Canvas.Left="10"/>
input:AutoCompleteBox x:Name="locAuto" Width="200"
Canvas.Top="25" Canvas.Left="10">

Type the following code in the code behind file

public MainPage()
// Assuming this list comes from a service
List<string> cList = new List<string>();
cList.Add("American Samoa");
locAuto.ItemsSource = cList;

Now run the application and on typing ‘A’, a list of suggestions appear in a drop-down fashion. Observe that there are 7 suggestions given to the user.

Silverlight AutoCompleteBox

We will now apply a custom filter to this AutoCompleteBox and filter out those countries whose length is not greater than 5. To do so, create a method that accepts two parameters: the user text and the text that has to be matched

public bool AutoFilter(string text, string item)
return (item.Length > 5);

The final step is to set the ItemFilter property of the AutoCompleteBox to a delegate that points to our Filter method

locAuto.TextFilter = AutoFilter;

Run the application again and you will find that ‘Aruba’ is not shown as a suggestion since it’s length is not greater than 5

Silverlight AutoCompleteBox

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