Some Twitter Libraries and Apps in C#

The other day, I was going through a couple of Twitter libraries and apps made in C# and here are some that caught my attention:

linq2twitter - LINQ to Twitter is a LINQ Provider for the Twitter micro-blogging service. It uses standard LINQ syntax for queries and includes method calls for changes via the Twitter API.

tweetsharp - A feature-complete library for the Twitter API. Use this library in your client applications to enable a simple, discoverable fluent interface for building Twitter queries, as well as additional features like asynchronous processing, server-side caching, url shortening, and rate throttling.

Yedda Twitter C# Library - The Yedda Twitter C# Library / or rather a wrapper provides easy access to the Twitter API.

Witty - Witty is a free, open source Twitter client for Windows Vista and XP powered by the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

Csharptwit - The Csharptwitt is an Implementation of Twitter Api in C#.

twitterizer - This net project provides an easy to use, object-oriented interface to twitter's online API

You can check some more C# libraries over here

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