jQuery 1.4 Alpha 1


I am excited by the announcement made by John Resig today that jQuery 1.4 Alpha 1 has been released! The code has been tested in all the browsers they support and is stable. Here are the two downloads available right now:

There are a few areas in jQuery that have seen extensive changes since 1.3.2 was released:

· live was drastically overhauled and now supports submit, change, mouseenter, mouseleave, focus, and blur events in all browsers. Also now supports context and data.

· append, prepend, etc. have been heavily optimized.

  • add has been adjusted to always return elements in document order.
  • find, empty, remove, addClass, removeClass, hasClass, attr, and css have been heavily optimized.

There are still some open bugs in this release. The complete list can be found here. The best way to help out with testing this version is to run it in your systems. The jQuery team want to hear about any problems or bugs you find. You can lodge the bug here.

Also the jQuery 2009 Conference was held recently and John Resig gave a number of presentations. These presentations covered the following topics:

· Changes to jQuery’s internals from version 1.3 to 1.4

· Testing jQuery

· State of jQuery 09’

The presentations can be found here.

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Malcolm Sheridan is a Microsoft awarded MVP in ASP.NET and regular presenter at conferences and user groups throughout Australia. Being an ASP.NET Insider, his focus is on web technologies and has been for the past 10 years. He loves working with ASP.NET MVC these days and also loves getting his hands dirty with JavaScript. He also blogs regularly at DotNetCurry.com. Follow him on twitter @malcolmsheridan

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