Add a DotNetKicks button to your Webpage

DotNetKicks is a popular .NET community based news site. A lot of users use the DotNetKicks social bookmarking button which makes it easier for viewers to submit or ‘kick’ a story. If you have been wondering how to add the DotNetKicks button to every post on your website, here’s the code for it.

<script type="text/javascript">
document.write('<a href="'+document.location.href+'&amp;title='+document.title+'"> <img src="'+document.location.href+'" border="0"></a>');

This piece of code determines the URL using ‘document.location.href’ and the Title using ‘document.title’. This information is submitted to the dotnetkicks site when the user click on the link/image. When this code is placed on a page, the output generated is as shown below:


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